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Voice123 ®

Tools and services to help voice actors get more jobs and manage their career.

VoiceBunny ®

You have the perfect script. We have the perfect voice.

Thousands of professionals rely on us

People who have fallen in love with us include freelancers, producers, marketers artists, entrepreneurs, startups, Fortune 500 corporations, universities, publishers, government agencies, students, marketers, filmmakers, bloggers, and just about everyone in-between. The world’s most popular brands depend on our services.

Our customers are our obsession
(and our investors!)

We are fanatical about customer satisfaction. It's our clients who fund our operation by paying for our services. We answer to them — not investors or the stock market.

We’ve been in business since 2003

Our company was founded by the husband and wife team of Tania Zapata and Alexander Torrenegra. Tania was a voice actress looking for work. Alexander was a techie that had recently migrated from Colombia to the United States. Their first experiment: Voice123, the first online casting service for voice actors. Learn more about our milestones.

We built a team we love,
We hope you do too

Alex Torrenegra

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Tania Zapata

Co-founder & Chief Talent Officer


Santiago Jaramillo

Chief Operations Officer


Jun Loayza

Chief Growth Officer

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Abelardo Duarte

Head of Finance and Analytics


Lucho Molina

Head of Product Innovation


Omar Duque

Head of Engineering

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Margarita Rueda

Head of Client Services, Voice123