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Job Opportunities

  • Project Managers for VoiceBunny (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Visual/interaction designers (San Francisco)
  • Visual/interaction designers (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Front End Developers (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Back End Developers (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Data Analyst (Bogotá, Colombia)

Why join our team?

We are on a global mission to bring innovative services and technology to the voice world! We're changing many industries and you can help our rapid growth and global expansion! If you outperform your colleagues, are passionate about audio and video creation, and enjoy sharing your talents, then there is no better team to do it than ours! We have a growing demand for qualified overachievers that want to make an impact. Getting hired by us is not an easy task. We have a very strict hiring process to ensure that only the best candidates, both personally and professionally, join our team. To apply and be informed about any new openings, check out

Global Culture

We have built an environment where we can thrive. Our working hours are flexible. We help each other proactively. We develop close friendships. We pursue hard work and creativity as much as passion and fun. We value technical skills and human skills as much a we value a good sense of humor. We shoot for perfection, but settle for good, practical solutions. At any given moment in our chats you'll find us brainstorming on new features or checking out the amazing projects that our algorithms handle. "Work hard, play hard" is our motto.

Check the following blog posts to know more about our company culture: Why my company culture is better than yours and US immigration policy wouldn’t allow us to build a client services team here, so we built a better one in Colombia.


Earn equity Receive a share of our success by receiving shares of our business.

Competitive income Being a profitable business allows us to pay competitively.

Change the world We are changing an industry and you can help.

Grow As a fast-growing company, new opportunities arise constantly.

Cool offices Cozy offices in San Francisco and Bogotá.

Learn from the best You will be surrounded by qualified overachievers, just like you.

Globalize yourself Our team is international. Get immersed!

Technology You will get the best software tools available to perform your work.

Flexible schedule Because sometimes going to the beach is more fun during the week.