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What is Bunny Studio?

Bunny Studio is an online service that allows you to get ready-to-use voiceovers, written content, translations, and dubbing. All Bunny Studio's platforms are designed to help you fulfill creative projects easily and efficiently. We match the best-suited professional from our talent pool to your project and screen the work carefully before delivery. Let your creativity flow; we’ll take care of the rest!


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Our promise

Focus on what you do best

We'll focus on the details. Delegate the crafting or management of your voiceover, writing, translation and dubbing projects to us.

Make quality a habit with us

Get great work easily. Our experts not only screen for quality, they also make sure your instructions were followed in the deliverables.

Get ready-to-use deliverables without any hassle

No commissions, no hidden fees, no royalties. All rights and deliverables belong to you. You can use them however and wherever you like.

Are you a Pro?

You can apply as a voice actor, a writer, or a translator. If you believe in professionalism, speed, availability, communication, and creativity like we do, we'd be very happy to have you on our team. Join us and gain access to thousands of jobs.